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Larch in the Park


The story of this Japanese larch, Larix leptolepsis, started 40 years ago by one of William N. Valavanis' students during one of his Introductory Classical Bonsai Courses. For 35 years, the owner trained it and cared for it until the larch came back to Bill five years ago. Bill has since refined the tree and removed a few branches.

Several different containers were considered and the bonsai finally ended up in a handmade container by Dale Cochoy. A round container was finally selected because this bonsai, like other fine bonsai, often look good from several sides.

The aged bark and cones on this Japanese larch add to the dignity of the composition. Lichen on the lower trunk and a few dead branches enhance the refined beauty of this classical bonsai.

This very old larch bonsai is now in the possession of the Frederik Mejier Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI. Prior to the Curator of the Gardens taking this tree, we took it for a stroll throughout the Gardens, enjoy.